TrollCoin Downloads

Keeping a TrollCoin wallet on your computer is the most secure & efficient way to store & use TrollCoin.
Allowing your wallet to run 24/7 contributes to the TrollCoin network & rewards you with trolls by staking your balance.

Windows Wallet 2.1 (zip)

TrollCoin v2.1 Source

Bootstrap Download (hosted by community member SidGrip)
Place bootstrap.dat in Trollcoin appdata folder, delete everything except wallet.dat then launch trollcoin.exe

Ubuntu 14.04.6 Users:
You can copy and paste the following into a terminal window to automagically download and compile the TrollCoin 2.0 Qt wallet for your system:
sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get install wget -y && sudo wget && sudo chmod +x && sudo ./